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5 Signs You Need a New eCommerce Website

Most of our customers have had another website before moving to iCEPT. That’s not to say we don’t work with start-ups or shops who are new to selling online (we do – Twist Kids and Lucy & Sam are two recent examples of these). But over the years we have worked with a lot of customers who have decided to switch from another e-commerce provider to iCEPT.

As you’d imagine, we tend to learn a lot about their reasons for moving during the sales process. Most of them are simply looking to ramp-up their online operations, and want an e-commerce provider who can grow with them over time. Others have told us they’ve had enough of battling with a “free” open source website like Magento or ZenCart, and never want to see another line of code again!

We thought we’d pass on some of this knowledge in a handy little list post, in case its handy for you too. If you’ve got an inkling you might be due for move, here are 5 signs you need a new e-commerce website:

1. Your website keeps letting you down

How many times are you willing to say “sorry” to your customers? What about partners, investors, bloggers and journalists?Apologising is all well and good. But you can’t buy back your reputation (or sales) when a peak in traffic means your website grinds to a halt.  Not only does a slow website cause your customers pain, but Google will penalise you for slow page load speeds too. Outgrowing your website might be a nice problem to have, but it’s one that needs to be fixed – fast.

2. It isn’t doing what you want it to do

Don’t blame your website.  It was probably perfect when all you wanted was for customers to browse your catalogue online. But now your needs have changed, and you want to actually sell your products online. Whatever your business aim is right now, every element of your website should be designed with that goal in mind. Yes you can tweak, primp, add bits on and move things around. But how much time and money are you willing to spend pushing water uphill? If you want an e-commerce website that will convert browsers into buyers, you need a website that is built from the ground up with that specific goal in mind.

3. You’re being penalised for success 

We see this happening all the time, and it makes our blood boil! What happens when sales are good and you have a particularly good month? You get hit with a higher website bill! Transaction charges, bandwidth fees and storage limits are all well and good when you’re just starting out. But how can you accurately forecast costs and try out new promotions if you’re worrying about additional costs? At iCEPT we have just one monthly charge, with no usage limits or hidden fees. Because we want to help our customers get more visitors and sales, not less!

4. Staff are complaining 

If staff are complaining about updating your website, listen and take a closer look. How much time does it make them to make basic changes like adding products or changing over promotions? A slow and clunky admin system doesn’t just waste time, it wastes your money and zaps goodwill. Would you rather your team were spending their time on projects that add value and interest them? Or struggling with technology that makes life difficult?

5. Your systems aren’t talking to each other 

Perhaps you’re re-typing orders and entering them into your customer database. Or using spreadsheets to keep on top of different areas of your business. We’ve all been there, so there’s no shame in that! But when you really want to take things up a gear, you need your systems to be working together like a well-oiled machine. iCEPT includes everything you need to manage your entire online business through one interface, and we also integrate with third parties such as Sage, Shutl, PayPal and SAP. Customers tell us this helps them be more efficient and transparent. And we’re pretty happy with that….

Do you recognise any of the tell-tale signs above? Or perhaps you have some insight of your own to add? We’d love to hear from you if so – drop us a line by emailing info@icept.co.uk, or tweet us @icept.